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I began making jewelry in high school and of course other things caught my interest, and I moved on to other creative endeavors. I majored in music in college, went on to do web design, and did lots of craftiness on the side. In 2008, I remembered how much enjoyment I got out of sitting down and creating a lovely adornment.

I started expanding my skills, moving into wire wrapping and chainmaille, and I was hooked. I love working with jump rings to make the intricate chainmaille pieces. Being obsessive and also easily distracted (SQUIRREL!), I also started taking silver smithing classes to help that inner pyromaniac out a bit. Depending on my mood, most days I'll either be chainmailling on the couch next to my husband after our 2 kids are in bed, or sitting at my bench with my torch/hammer/saw/anvil. I've also started working with enamels - which is like opening a door on a whole new world. 

I relocated from the Washington DC metro area to the Denver Colorado area in 2011 with my husband of 12+ years and our 2 kids, who often have a say on the jewelry as it's being created! Lucky for me, it's usually, "Good job, Mom! That looks great!" 

If I can help you with anything, just email me at amy at raine dot net.