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Coupon Codes

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Monthly Coupon Codes

I used to slip a little coupon code into every supplies order I ship, because I want to reward you for coming back and ordering from me again! However, I know how those little slips of paper get lost, and I get a lot of email asking "I lost the coupon code! Can you refund the coupon code?" Plus, I'm tired of making up a ton of slips of paper every month!! So I'm making this page to help you out, and also to spread the love for my new customers.

Current coupon code: 4OFF40JUNE2021

$4 off orders over $40. Expires 6/30/2021. One use per customer. ONLY valid on this website. NOT VALID on custom orders. Cannot be used for orders already placed.

Here's the caveat -- now that I have this code right here for all to see, I will NO LONGER be refunding any coupon amount after the order is placed. Coupon codes MUST be entered during checkout and cannot be applied after the order is placed. Coupon codes are ONLY valid here at rainestudios-supplies.com.


Combine Orders with a Free Shipping code

We've all been there. You place an order, and then hours later, you realize you forgot that one thing you wanted to get. DANGIT! Now you have to pay shipping TWICE! Or rather, you have to pay the shipping again, and then I see that you placed another order before I could get your first order shipped, and I combine both orders, ship them together, and then go in and manually refund you the extra shipping amount. It's kind of a pain for you, a pain for me, and it's really a pain for my bookkeeper (who really hates it when I go back and do refunds afterward!)

So here's the solution, a coupon code for free shipping:


This coupon code is only to be used in the above scenario. If I get an order that has used this code but no recent previous orders to combine with, then the order will be cancelled. I don't have any way for the shopping cart to check and make sure you are really combining orders, so if you use this coupon w/out a previous order to combine with, it will just delay your order after I cancel it and you have to replace it. If I get a lot of problems using this code, I'll probably remove it and we'll have to do it the painful way, so play nice and don't ruin it for everyone, OK? ;) 

Do you give a wholesale or bulk discount? (YES!)

Aside from the monthly coupon code above, I try to keep my markup low and price my jump rings as affordably as I can. Ordering by the troy ounce has a built in discount over ordering the same size but a smaller quantity, for example:

Let's take a mythical jump ring size that has about 100 rings per troy ounce:

1/16 troy ounce with approx 6 rings, $4.75 = $0.79 per ring
1/8 troy ounce with approx 12 rings, $8.75 = $0.72 per ring
1/4 troy ounce with approx 25 rings, $16.25 = $0.65 per ring
1/2 troy ounce with approx 50 rings, $30.00 = $0.60 per ring
3/4 troy ounce with approx 75 rings, $41.25 = $0.55 per ring
1 troy ounce with approx 100 rings, $50.00 = about $0.50/ring

By ordering a full troy ounce instead a partial troy ounce, you will already be getting a built in discount!

With that being said, I do offer a discounting tier system for those ordering a mass quantity of rings.

Updated: 4/4/2014:

I have done away with my overly complicated bulk discount system because - it required customers to pay the full amount and then wait for me to refund and the system overly complicated my bookkeeping (my bookkeeper was going to murder me!)

So it's gone! This is good news for everyone, as you are free to use the following discount codes whenever you like:

coupon code:

BULK10 - $10 off jump rings totaling over $100
BULK15 - $15 off jump rings totaling over $150
BULK20 - $20 off jump rings totaling over $200
BULK30 - $30 off jump rings totaling over $300
BULK40 - $40 off jump rings totaling over $400
BULK50 - $50 off jump rings totaling over $500
BULK75 - $75 off jump rings totaling over $750
BULK100 - 10% off jump rings totaling over $1000  

The above codes will not expire, and can be used as many times as needed. Please note that the discount will only be applied if the total of jump rings ordered by weight is over the total specified. You can order any weight, any metal, any size of jump ring and combine them any way you wish.

The bulk discount does not apply for chainmaille kits, because putting together kits takes me more time to assemble them, therefore, do not qualify for a bulk discount coupon code. For example, if you purchase $70 worth of rings, and then $30 in kits, the BULK10 discount will NOT apply, because the total of jump rings by weight does not come to $100.

As with the previous coupon codes - with this new policy I will NOT be refunding any coupon after the order is placed. Coupon codes MUST be entered during checkout and cannot be applied after the order is placed. Coupon codes are ONLY valid here at rainestudios-supplies.com.

Please note that the policies stated on this page are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.