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Ordering Info

What are my payment options?

I accept payment via paypal, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover.

I live outside the united states. Can I still place an order?

I ship worldwide from the US with the exception of some parts of Asia and all of Africa. I'm afraid I have had too many issues with chargebacks and fraud that I no longer ship to Africa.

International customers are also responsible for any duty, taxes or other fees charged by their local customs regulations. I mark all supplies orders as "CRAFT SUPPLIES" and all jewelry orders as "FASHION ACCESSORIES" on international customs forms.

For more information on US customs laws and regulations regarding your country, please view this link from the USPS: http://pe.usps.gov/text/Imm/immctry.htm

This duty calculator may be helpful in understand what, if any, charges you may be responsible for:

Return Policy

If there is something wrong with your order please contact me within 14 days and I will work out the issue with you. 

Orders with 2 troy ounces (or more) of 1 ring size are non-returnable, unless the rings themselves have issues. I am happy to send you free samples, advise you on the correct size needed for your project(s), test ring sizes and photograph/send to you, basically bend over backwards to make sure the rings you order are the CORRECT SIZE FOR YOUR NEEDS. However, if you order more than 2 troy ounces of 1 size, and find they are not the correct size for your needs, they will not be returnable.

Returning jump rings is a hassle -- for you and for me. The best way to avoid it is to make sure the right size jump ring is ordered in the first place! I will do whatever I can to insure you order the correct size jump ring -- I am happy to discuss your needs and help you determine what size you require so the product you receive works for your needs.

If, alas, you receive the wrong size, I do accept returns for store credit. If you need to return your jump rings, CONTACT ME within 14 days of receiving your order. Unsolicited returns are not accepted. 

First, rings must be returned to me within a 10 days after contacting me. I check the rings over and make sure they are not marred or have any plier marks on them. Any that do are removed from the rings returning to stock. The remaining rings are weighed, and a store credit is given for them. Any discarded rings are scrapped, and I include the scrap value in your credit. Scrap value is given for sterling, silver filled, and gold filled rings. Your store credit will be minus a 10% restocking fee, which offsets the time it takes for me to process returns.

Shipping costs for new rings purchased with store credit is additional, and cannot be paid via store credit.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders for over 1 troy ounce, or orders with over 5 kits will be NON-REFUNDABLE. I generally keep less than 1 troy ounce of rings on hand at any time, and so orders that include more than 1 ozt or over 5 kits most likely meant that I had to take new wire, coil and cut it into rings for your order. Once cut, I am unable to magically turn the rings back into new stock, thus, bulk orders as detailed above will be NON REFUNDABLE. Please make sure you have the correct jump ring size and/or have made a kit before, before ordering rings or kits in bulk. Bulk orders should also expect an additional few days for the order to ship.